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By wthpod December 7, 2017

In our final episode for 2017 we get festive with people all around the world!


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Cooper J 2017, ‘Christmas Around The World’
The Netherlands:
Ukraine: and The Christmas Spider:
Fox News 2013, ‘35 weirdest Christmas traditions around the world’
Jessop T 2016, ‘What Is the Caganer, the ‘Defecating’ Catalan Christmas Figurine?’
Lewis D 2016, ‘Each Christmas, Iceland’s Yule Cat Takes Fashion Policing to the Extreme’,

Gävle Goat

The Unfortunate Fates of the Gavle Goat: A Timeline – Atlas Obscura

The Yule Goat – Storey

The Gävle Goat – A Global Christmas Symbol – Visit Gävle

The strange legend of the Swedish Yule goat – CBC Kids

This Colossal Goat Sculpture Is a Swedish Tradition, and Almost Every Year It Goes Up in Flames – Hyper Allergic

Some Jerk Burned Down Sweden’s Giant Christmas Goat… Again – Huffington Post


In Slovakia, Christmas Dinner Starts In The Bathtub – NPR

If You Lived In Slovakia, You’d Have A Christmas Carp In Your Bathtub Right Now – Consumerist

Around the World in 21 Xmas Traditions – Gap Year

Bobalky–Ancient Slovak Christmas Bread – Myerchin

Kiviak and 16 other Strange Food-Related Christmas Traditions from Around the World – Phatcual


Krampusnacht: What Is It, and How Did it Start? – History Things

Beware the Krampus! – Thought Co

Who Is Krampus? Explaining the Horrific Christmas Devil – National Geographic

Kentucky For Christmas

Why Japan Celebrates Christmas with KFC – BBC

Why Japan Is Obsessed with Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas – Smithsonian

Why is KFC a Christmas tradition in Japan? – Boing Boing

Other stuff:

The word history in the opening theme has been extracted from…

History Never Repeats – Split Enz (1981)

History Repeating – Propellerheads feat: Miss Shirley Bassey (1998)

Flame Trees – Cold Chisel (1984)

You’re History – Shakespeare’s Sister (1989)

Centuries – Fall Out Boy (2015)

Fade out music – The Season’s Upon Us – Dropkick Murphys (2012)

All music used under fair use provisions.


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