The Outlaw Corpse and Getting Barred

By wthpod August 28, 2017

The Outlaw Corpse and Getting Barred

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In this episode Suzie finds out all about Elmer McCurdy and Trevor checks out an award ceremony gone awry!


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Best Bar None UK

Best Bar None scheme – Wigan Council

Tackling pub and club crime: Best Bar None back to promote safer nights out for revellers across Wigan – Mancunian Matters

Best Bar None returns – Wigan World

Record breaking safety scheme – Wigan World

Violent crime fall is credited to scheme – Wigan Today

Best Bar None awards success – Wigan Today

Best Bar None awards ceremony ends in brawl – Wigan Today

Other stuff:

The word history in the opening theme has been extracted from…

History Never Repeats – Split Enz (1981)

History Repeating – Propellerheads feat: Miss Shirley Bassey (1998)

Flame Trees – Cold Chisel (1984)

You’re History – Shakespeare’s Sister (1989)

Centuries – Fall Out Boy (2015)

All music used under fair use provisions.

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